Preservation of Values / Security


The hoses of the original BOSCH injection valves tend to crack. If the original beading is still present at the bottom, replace it as soon as possible. (fire hazard)

To do this, remove the injection valve (open bayonet lock), saw open the flange or remove it with a micro-fiber or a cutter. Pull off the hose and replace it by a hose piece VOLVO ET-No. 947831 or equivalent and fasten it with good new hose clamps. For details see also chapter injection valves

The top and bottom sealing rings of the injection valve should also be replaced

Pay attention to the diameter of the valve tips, 8 or 9.4 mm

Only the three-layer version may be used for petrol hoses, as they must permanently hold 2.5 bar pressure. 

Important Note:
Cleanliness is required for all work on the injection system!

Injection system

Improvement on your Bosch D-Jetronic

For a general maintenance of the value of the D-Jetronic injection system I recommend the replacement of all rubber fuel lines as well as the brittle rubber protective grommets on the connectors.

The rubber grommets on the connectors (10 pieces) for 7×2-pin, 1×3-pin and 2×4-pin have to be replaced.

For this purpose, the contacts in the connectors must be replaced and crimped. A total of 25 pieces.

The seals on the injection valves and the flanged fuel hoses should also be replaced. 2 O-rings each and suitable fuel hoses.

4 pieces 419784-4 O-Ring big

4 pieces 419785-1 O-Ring small

Injector valves

Revision of the injector valves and connecting parts

In order for the injection system to function properly, I also recommend reworking the connections of the injector valves and

Replace rubber sealing rings item 43 and item 44 (original VOLVO spare part no. ).

Holder injector valve with mounting parts

Item 38 Holder for injection valve left, original VOLVO spare part no. 419755

Item 38 Holder for injection valve right, original VOLVO spare part no. 419770

Item 40 Spring washer 5/16, original VOLVO spare part no. 941907-8

Item 41 O-ring (from earlier production series) Original VOLVO spare part no. 960168

Item 41A Fiber Disc (from later production series) Original VOLVO Spare Part No. 962658


Security advice

The flanged hose connection on the injection valve (marked red) must be carefully removed (grind it with a micro-fiberereaser  or cutter  if necessary) and replaced with a commercial fuel hose of the same quality and dimension.

Old specimens are cracked and can present an acute fire hazard if broken.

Cleanliness is required for all work on the injection system!


Pos. 42 Injector valve, various spare parts from Bosch and VOLVO available on the market, Bosch no. 015 is old, replacement 024, 036,and 043 (please note model B20E/F)

Pos. 43 Rubber sealing ring small, original VOLVO spare part no. 419785-1 (Attention! Depending on the spare valve on the valve tip 8 or 9.4mm inner diameter)

Item 44 Rubber sealing ring large, original VOLVO spare part no. 419784-4

Item 45 Flat washer, original VOLVO spare part no. 419795-0

Item 46 Locking clamp, original VOLVO spare part no. 419783-6

Item 47 Hose clamp robust Ø 12.5-14.5 mm. Div. available on the market.

               My favourite, Maagtechnik “ABA MINI” size 14 MAAG article no. 10145102